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Super Bowl Trade 2024: Take Your Shot!

patrick mahomes representing our super bowl trade
Patrick Mahomes demonstrates our Super Bowl Trade & 2024 motto “Take Your Shot!”

Take your shot

The Turbo Option Trading live trading room is a strange and lively place. Like with any group of traders, on any given day the trading rooms are filled with wisdom, cursing, analysis and inside jokes. Around the turn of this new year an inside joke turned slogan has emerged amongst our team. “Take your shot!”.

In a year where the biggest Super Bowl broadcast ever was held in our home & gambling capital of Las Vegas , “Take your shot” is a suitable slogan in such a wild back and forth game. The Chiefs took their shots all game and came away with the NFL’s biggest jackpot. “Take your shot” also represents the boldness and confidence one needs to have in not just in sports or trading, but in all aspects of life. Within trading specifically though, the slogan rings out every day in a market rife with volatility which brings opprotunity. A recent trade comes to mind

The Super Bowl Trade

This morning we collected profits from a monster trade that took us for a ride. Watching the big game on sunday seemed like a microcosm of this trade. The adversity, nail biting suspense and Mahomes-like confidence displayed in our Super Bowl trade felt synergized with the drama of a championship game.

super bowl trade huddle
Turbo Option Team 10 minutes before market open

1st Quarter:

super bowl trade sack
Mistakes were made

It’s 9:20. Almost time for kickoff. We have our charts, indicators and watchlists ready. The team is in the live trading room getting last minute info and reviewing their trading plans, ready to go. We need to win this. That new Bently may as well have my name on it. What I’ve learned has given me the shot. I need to take it.

Kick off comes and the markets are open. We’re watching the movements ready to make a play. We check Panther and get the data needed to set perfect bids. However when typing in the order a fumble occurs, a rouge keystroke puts the wrong price in. The options bids are hitting are where the order should be! Sacked. We miss a perfect entry. Like the 1st quarter of the Super Bowl, it was a feeling out process.

2nd Quarter:

super bowl trade interception
Market maker intercepting my money

The pressure of the big game can get to you sometimes. Missing the entry caused a waver in discipline. We FOMO buy the put market order, rookie mistake. We know the price isn’t wholesale but seeing the upside on these puts is just irresistible. Tommy will just have to be mad at us for a bit.

Bad move. The stock reverses after we chase into the the put contract. A rally. We always use a stop loss so the damage is but a scratch. Yet the wound to the pride is greater. We took our shot the wrong way and let go of the lead. This can’t happen again. Our Super Bowl Trade was off to a rough start. That interception was as bad as the one Mahomes threw to Jiayir Brown

3rd Quarter:

Super bowl trade focused
Refocusing on the Super Bowl Trade, ready to take my shot.

The team returns from lunch hungry. Not for food. For profits. Halftime seemed to go by so slowly, giving time for regret of mistakes to creep into the mind. Luckily Tommy knows how to pick up our morale as its time to head back on the field. We’re ready to reclaim our Super Bowl Trade. We won’t make the same mistakes again.

This time we go in poised yet bold. Disciplined to the letter execute our limit orders according to Panther. This stock is going to reverse course soon. The movement is going to be BIG. This is it. An opprotunity to get the Super Bowl Trade. With the mistakes corrected our Mahomes-like offense runs efficently.

4th quarter:

super bowl trade touchdown
Take your shot!!

We’re in the trade. Our limit order hit on the low of the day of this contract thanks to Panther, the defense made it easy this time. We take full advantage of our shot rolling high, just as you should for a Superbowl in Vegas. The market trends our way from the latest buzz in the newswire. This is gonna be a big win. We ride into close, profit in hand as the end zone dances are breaking out. After hours continues running in our direction and someone dumps the Gatorade bath on Tommy. The Super Bowl Trade is clenched

super bowl trade gatorade
Scene of the first hour of after hours

Times like these have become frequent at Turbo Option trading. Our strategy was honed for longer than Andy Reid has been a coach, putting on championsip performances is expected. For a growing number of people trading is becoming more accessible and also fun. Making money is fun after all.

Today we celebrate the win. There is little time to rest on our laurels, however. Soon enough the season begins anew (more like monday) and the draft is approaching soon. Soon hungry new traders will seize the opprotunity to make more money after experiencing their free 5 day trial. The start of a dynasty, and YOU can be a part of it.

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