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12-27-19 ISRG major breakout setting up call options

0 ISRG setting up to go through a significant resistance levels the price breaks through the trend channel the option prices go higher there has to be a clean breakout through prices on heavy volume to qualify ISRG had come to price levels before and failed the breakout set up is what sends the move […]

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12-26-19 NFLX 5 day breakout straight up Call charts vs. Put charts

0 702-685-0772 Free 5 day Trialhttps://freeoptiontrader.com/turboopt… power 2020 with new Skills   NFLX 5 day breakout from 300 to 338.00 12-20 Friday high 338.24 total price move 35 dollars short-sellers got squeezed all the way up to the tops. Change your options trading in 2020 learn ways you have not discovered Market Makers in Option […]

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