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3 Hot Weekly Stock Picks Program


A place for traders looking for a new edge.

Are you ready to take your stock market trading profits to the next level in 2024? Do you need a few weekly stock picks to get started? Well, look no further! The perfect solution is right here. Your journey to financial success begins with Turbo Option Trading, where we use our stock scanners to meticulously scan the markets for the best trading opportunities, all designed to jumpstart the portfolios of our new members. Become a believer in your first week with our 3 Hot weekly stock Picks.

An Overview Of The Journey

If you’re new to the world of stock market trading, fear not! Our Turbo Options Trading team, with over 35 years of market experience, is at your service. We are so confident in our ability to generate profits for you that we offer three weekly stock picks for free, even before guiding you through our “Stock Trading for Beginners” course. This value ensures you have a chance to make money with us even before your education even begins. This course empowers you with the knowledge to perform technical analysis independently.

Once you’ve learned sufficiently, full members of Turbo Option Trading will enter our Live Trading Room, where daily stock tips, mentorship, and a community of trading professionals await. Here, we identify profitable trade setups, including entry and exit points. Many of these successful picks have been discussed on our Turbo Option Trading YouTube channel, which has been serving our community for over a decade. The live trading room gives you a chance to see those trades as they develop and obtain commentary by the experts.

Beyond just preparation mentally, we make sure you have all the tools you’ll need as well. We will help you access the best real time data feeds so you are informed on any market movement at all times, a crucial factor in active trading where timing is everything. We will also setup a trader layout for no additional charge (a 1,800$ value!). Finally we’ll introduce you to our secret weapon for our vetted in house weekly stock picks, Panther.

Access to an exclusive tool

Unlike the other stock coaching or stock pick services out there, the best value of being a Turbo Option Trading member is found nowhere else. Our full members will get access to our propietary trading software called Panther. Panther uses our in house algorithms to predict reversals around highs and lows in stocks which help secure you rock bottom cost on your entries while being able to properly predict the direction a stock is going early enough to act on it.

Did you have issues entering too late or selling too early? Were you unable to tell when a stock you were holding is near the top? Did you have trouble picking stocks that are prime for a trend reversal early enough to make a profit? The days of struggling with these kinds of issues are over with Turbo Option Trading and Panther.

panther hunting weekly stock picks
With panther you too can hunt for the entries and exits like our pros.

Don’t just take our word for it. Within the 5 day trial, your access to the Live Trading Room will give you ample opprotunity to see Panther in action as we use it’s data to make trades, 3 of which will make up the hot weekly stock picks you get as a member. That means live trading room attendees will get the first glimpse and opprotunity at the week’s best trades

Start your journey with weekly stock picks, end it with profit.

The volatility of the 2023 markets presents a unique opportunity that we are well-equipped to help you profit from. From experience, technical analysis, our unique Panther tool, our superb community, and of course some picks for free. Don’t let the hottest trades for the year slip through your fingers. Join our thriving community today and embark on your journey to financial success. Your success story starts here!

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