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12-26-19 NFLX 5 day breakout straight up Call charts vs. Put charts


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NFLX 5 day breakout from 300 to 338.00 12-20 Friday high 338.24 total price move 35 dollars short-sellers got squeezed all the way up to the tops. Change your options trading in 2020 learn ways you have not discovered Market Makers in Option Pits how they operate put that into your successful ways by changing today. You are watching the video for a reason things have not worked out for you in the retail options trading understandable they didn’t make it easy for retail options traders look at yourself the answers are in you all you need now is the right systems that power option markets.

NFLX 320 call chart totally inflated values (they will come down in value can even go up higher before dropping)

NFLX 335 put chart totally deflated in values 340 put options collapsed values markets change after a big breakout on NFLX shares 5- days 300 to 338 learn It our way change today new ways is always good

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