Home Turbo Option Trading 1-19-2020 NFLX Earnings 1-21-2020 Daily Charts call options paid Reports

1-19-2020 NFLX Earnings 1-21-2020 Daily Charts call options paid Reports


1-19-2020 NFLX Earnings Reports 1-21- Daily Charts call options paid

NFLX longer-term call options paid several times along the way now earnings are coming out the risk is high for investors, institutional, hedge funds, mutual funds, are at the mercy of their report after the closing bell we have NFLX covered with put options below the markets at the lowest price to manage risk with the put options should they tank in after-hours trading on Tuesday.

Retail public risk is very high with NFLX, our options trading management addresses all the issues that can happen during an earnings report expectations are very high.

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