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4-2-19 FB 419 160 call options Breaks out bull trend in play


4-2-19 FB 4/19 160 call options Breaks out bull trend in play FB the trade was the monthly 160 calls selling them out at the highs the 175 put options is the backend of this trade as FB hitting major resistance level daily & weekly charts 99% of option traders never seen a call chart or put charts you people know who you are watching this live video you will fail you don’t have the right management behind you Facebook follow up to Deutsche Bank comments; Instagram shopping opportunity and channel color (174.22 +5.52) Lloyd Walmsley noted, “We think a more streamlined E-Commerce experience on Instagram could add an incremental $10B of revenue in 2021, and we see ‘Checkout with Instagram’ as a key step towards unlocking this opportunity…Given high engagement in existing IG shoppable products, brand excitement, and the scale of the platform, we think this product can drive monetization opportunity from: (i) improved ad conversion driving higher eCPMs, (ii) new ad units, (iii) direct transaction fees, (iv) higher overall platform engagement, and (v) using purchase data to improve the product (organic and ad related). We review key takeaways from our industry conversations around Checkout and attempt to put some backof-the-envelope numbers around how big the E-Commerce opportunity could be…We understand Facebook is investing heavily behind this as a priority, and we expect an influx of brands and retailers making their content “shoppable”. We see potential for momentum to carry over to core Facebook and Marketplace and potentially even via a standalone shopping app (similar to splitting Messenger)


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