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BASF-Encina Announce Long-Term Recycled Benzene Deal


BASF SE (OTC: BASFY) and Encina Development Group, LLC, an ISCC PLUS certified circular chemicals manufacturer, announced a long-term supply agreement for chemically recycled circular benzene derived from post-consumer end-of-life plastics. This marks a significant move in sustainable sourcing, as BASF strengthens the circular economy by integrating more chemically recycled, circular-based raw materials into its production processes. BASF plans to use chemically-recycled benzene for its broad Ccycled product portfolio.

BASF stated that incorporating benzene from post-consumer plastics into its value chains underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to transitioning toward non-fossil and circular alternatives. The company emphasized that its partnership with Encina is driving this transformation by increasing the use of recycling-based feedstocks, enabling BASF to offer more Ccycled products to customers in the packaging, textiles and automotive industries.

Encina’s circular chemicals play a crucial role in the production of everyday and novel plastics. Utilizing proprietary catalytic technology, Encina produces high-yield, …

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