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Is Utopos Blockchain the most exciting altcoin project of 2024?


Turbo Option Trading has been known to cover the blockchain/cryptocurrency space in our decades of time in the financial markets. It has been incredible to watch this asset class appear seemingly out of nowhere and grow to the point where it takes the world by storm. In our Crypto Trading Room there are frequent passionate (to put it nicely) discussions between those who are bullish & those who are bearish on this technology and it’s future.

The bulls point to the blockchain’s staying power, the recent approval of the Bitcoin ETF and Bitcoin’s title as the best performing asset of the decade. The bears point to the FTX collapse, the “tech bro” enthusiam disappearing from the space in favor of AI and regulatory concerns. Regardless of the battle lines drawn between the Turbo Option Trading team on this matter, one agreed upon sentiment has emerged from the discussions recently after our initial 2024 research of the altcoin space: The Utopos project is the most novel initiative that we’ve seen come out of the crypto scene in years.

We’ve recently had a chance to speak with the minds behind the project. After a lengthy conversation, even our crypto-bearish team members have had their interest piqued. We were impressed with the vision and professionalism of their team as well as the scope of what they are building.

What is Utopos Blockchain?

The Utopos Blockchain token
The $UTOP token

Utopos is a project that aims to bring real world commercial use to a blockchain currency (theirs is called $UTOP) by the novel idea of creating an entire city centered around using it. According to the Utopos website: “Utopos is a project aimed at building futuristic cities powered by blockchain, AI, IoT, and VR technologies on a global scale. As the first real “digital dirt” city, Blockchain City is being designed and built from the ground up, incorporating best practices for disruptive technologies. $UTOP will serve as the native token for everyday transactions within the city.”

The idea is certainly ambitious. The creation of this city would create a real enviorment to put the theories of blockchain economics that we’ve heard for years to the test. It also would be an enviorment that makes use of other crypto-aligned tech like using NFT tokens a claim plots of land digitally ahead of the city’s construction. It’s certainly a project that strikes many cords for the crypto aligned. For the traders who aren’t we see several vectors of opprotunity.

Opportunities presented with $UTOP

  • Another Bull Market: Altcoins like $UTOP have usually been the biggest movers when crypto is in bull season. Wild ride of coins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin were juicy opprotunities during the last crypto bull season. Since 2022 the bears have taken control, however the approval of the Bitcoin ETF and Bitcoin halving could wake up the bulls and start another tear of fresh names.
  • Early Mover Advantage: As of this moment the $UTOP token is trading exclusively via private sale on their swapping platform UTOSwap. We are currently in a period where traders can obtain the token before it hits the major crypto exchanges. There is nothing like wholesale prices for a trader
  • A Developing Story: Like we’ve seen demonstrated with XRP or Dogecoin, riding out the long term story of a token in it’s infancy can be extremely profitable. The challenge here is finding a project with a compelling story worth following. Certainly the creation of an entire city ran on a cryptocurrency fits the criteria.

These factors create the potential for a great trade or longer term hold for crypto enthusiasts. The Utopos project will be one of the few altcoin projects that remain in our radar as 2024 rolls on. We recommend that traders closely follow this project on their website Utopos.io to keep up with future developments on this bold endeavor.

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